Take control of your WooCommerce store success with Honee.

You've picked a niche. You build the product. You have set up a WooCommerce store. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting the look and feel. You celebrated the launch. Your hopes are high, and your excitement is through the roof. Orders notifications are filling up your inbox. You are an enterpreneur.
But, you need to grow your business. You need to observe and interact with your customers. You need to understand what drives your business. You need to know where to spend your budget for the best possible return. You need to remove the guesswork from your actions.

Honee will help you! See how below.


Say goodbye to tickets overload.
Streamline your customer service experience with a single timeline for viewing customer interactions and messages. You can say goodbye to the tedious process of copying and pasting ticket numbers, user IDs, and emails between systems. Honee allows you to easily view all customer interactions in one place, saving you time and improving efficiency for your customer service team.
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Store insights designed for success.
Essential tool for your business to track progress and grow. It provides you with real-time data and insights about your WooCommerce store's performance and customer behavior, including key metrics like website traffic, sales, and customer engagement. Gain a deep understanding of your customers and use this knowledge to drive progress and success.
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Turn returns into a goldmine.
Encourage customers to exchange items for any other item in your catalog, creating an experience that feels like shopping. Retain revenue, delight customers, and keep them coming back. Additionally, the data you gather from the returns process can provide valuable insight into customer needs and preferences. Use this data to write better product descriptions, improve your sizing guides, and identify manufacturing and product quality issues.
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Branded tracking page

Keep your customers in the loop.
This feature allows your customers to follow their orders from start to finish, providing them with estimated shipping and delivery dates so they know when to expect their packages. Keep your customers informed and satisfied with real-time updates on the status of their orders.
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Up-time monitor

Don't let website downtime dim your business's light.
It's critical that your WooCommerce store stays online and functional, especially during busy traffic periods. That's where Honee's uptime monitor comes in. Our feature monitors your store pages, and immediately alerts you if something goes wrong.
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Knowledge Base

Sharing is caring.
Share knowledge and information with your team members across the organization. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a system in place for accessing, using, and updating knowledge. By harnessing and sharing knowledge, you can shape your decision-making processes and routine processes in a way that supports the growth and success of your business.
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Pre-order instead of Pre-seed.

I am dedicated to building a product that meets the evolving needs of Honee users. That's why I took the plunge and quit my 9-5 job to work on Honee full-time, and why I have chosen to raise capital through pre-orders from users rather than investors. By involving you in the development process, I hope to create a product that truly meets your needs and continues to evolve with you over time.

Clear roadmap.

January 2023

Project start and initial commit.

Pre-order and crowdfunding campaign start.

Honee landing page design and development.

UI/UX Honee features design.

Up-time Monitor: Don't let website downtime dim your business's light.

Conversations: Say goodbye to tickets overload.

February 2023

Conversations: Say goodbye to tickets overload.

Links Page: All your important links, in one place.

March 2023

Knowledge Base: Sharing is caring.

April 2023

Returns: Turn returns into a goldmine.

June 2023

Analytics: Store insights designed for success.

July 2023

Order tracking page: Keep your customers in the loop.

August 2023 - Beta access (pre-order users)

September 2023 - Public Access

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